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Make the most of your business space

A mezzanine floor is an ideal way to make optimal use of the space in your business premises. Moving, expanding, or renovating is no longer necessary with the help of a Profielnorm mezzanine floor. Double, triple, or even quadruple the number of available

A mezzanine floor for your business premises

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your business space? Do you need more space and are you considering buying or renting a larger commercial property? It is often much cheaper to expand your existing building with a mezzanine floor. Double the number of available square metres with a mezzanine floor and moving is no longer necessary.

What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine floor is a self-supporting steel construction that is built between two floors and can consist of several floors. Various terms are used for a mezzanine floor, including mezzanine, mezz floor, or intermediate floor.
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Your new mezzanine floor made to measure

No commercial building is the same and we understand that you have different needs than the company next to you. That is why all mezzanine floors at Profielnorm are custom-made. Based on your specification, we get to work and come up with a suitable and personal proposal. There are many questions that play a role, such as:
  • What is the floor load (kg/m2) for your mezzanine floor? We manufacture mezzanine floors with a floor load of up to 4,000 kg/m2.
  • In which RAL colour would you like to have the mezzanine floor delivered? In this way, the mezzanine floor is completely in line with your company.
  • What kind of stairs and railings do you want to add? For example, choose child-friendly stairs and child-friendly railings for your showroom.
  • What is your desired floor finish for the mezzanine floor? Choice of different types of chipboard.
  • Want to add pallet handling? To ensure that goods are stored as quickly and safe as possible: pallet bay with safety chain, pivot gate, or swing gate with self-closing doors.

Advantages of a Profielnorm mezzanine floor

The price of a mezzanine floor
The price of a mezzanine floor depends on your specification, we provide customisation. A standard Profielnorm mezzanine floor is available from 80 euros per square metre, excluding VAT. Use our calculator for a personal proposal.
The payback time of a mezzanine floor
The payback time of a mezzanine floor is on average less than 2 years. Compare this with the costs of renovating or moving to another commercial property.
The flexibility with a mezzanine floor
A mezzanine floor is a very flexible product in several respects. You can choose to further expand, move, or temporarily store the mezzanine floor.
The entire process under our own management at Profielnorm
Profielnorm takes care of the entire process for you: from personal advice to the installation of your new mezzanine floor. We have our own factories and an extensive engineering department. Our qualified technicians install your mezzanine floor. During the process, one of our Project Managers ensures that everything runs smoothly and according to your wishes.
More space quickly and easily
You can create more space in your business premises in a relatively short time. If the space in your commercial building permits, you can even opt for a multi-tier mezzanine floor. Moving to new business premises or renovating is now no longer necessary.

Personal advice or a direct price proposal for your mezzanine floor

Interested in what we can do for your business? Feel free to contact our professionals for personal advice or use our calculator to request a personal price proposal. Profielnorm designs, manufactures, and installs mezzanine floors.


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