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Cookie statement Profielnorm B.V.

Profielnorm B.V. uses cookies and other technologies to increase your online convenience and to check how the website is used. Using this information, we can improve the quality of our services.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that is sent to your browser when you visit our Profielnorm website. This information is then sent to your browser and stored in the browser of your computer/tablet/mobile device. At the next visit to our Profielnorm website, this information can then be sent back by the browser.

Three types of cookies

We use three types of cookies: essential, analytical, and marketing cookies.

The essential cookies allow the website to function properly. The essential cookies are also called necessary cookies: your consent is not required for these, because these cookies ensure that the website works (better). We use this, for example, to remember whether or not you have already closed the cookie notification. We also use them to check whether your browser supports all the functions of the site so that you can see the page properly on all different screens.

The analytical cookies are used to gain more insights into the use of our website. It allows us to analyse which options are popular and what website visitors find interesting. In Google Analytics, for example, we can see what was the first page you visited on our website. We can, for instance, also see which browser you used to access our website and how long you stayed on our website.

The marketing cookies are used to track browsing behaviour and ensure that, where possible, we can display personalized information, also through third parties. This allows us to display ads relevant to the individual user. This could include personalised Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and social media ads.

Permission for cookies

If you want to take full advantage of our website, it is convenient to accept all cookies.

Delete or disable cookies

You can also disable our website cookies. However, this information may no longer work optimally. Cookies can be deleted or switched off per browser.

Social media buttons

In the footer of our website, you will see also two social media buttons, for LinkedIn and Facebook. Once you click on one of these buttons, you will be redirected to the relevant page of Profielnorm on the respective platform. These social media platforms both have their own privacy statements:

Privacy policy Profielnorm

You can find our privacy policy on our website. Click on this link to visit this page for more information.

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