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Mezzanine flooring specialist

Founded in 1997

Profielnorm B.V. was founded in 1997 by Director-Owner Jos C. Schot. Profielnorm has grown into an international family owned business. Discover more about the history of Profielnorm and important news items.


Profielnorm B.V. was founded in 1997. From 1998, Profielnorm has been started under Director-Owner Jos Schot. The components for a mezzanine floor and scaffolding were initially purchased from an attic room. The attic room was soon replaced by a commercial building and the organisation grew.

Read on and view the news and history of Profielnorm.

Hans Schourup A/S and Profielnorm B.V.

Hans Schourup A/S and Profielnorm B.V. have been long-term partners in bringing reliable mezzanines to the Danish market and beyond. Recently, both companies solidified this cooperation into a Key Account Agreement aimed at an optimal fit between the joint proposition and market needs. This closer cooperation will help bring the shared knowledge to bear on the challenges of customers today, while also driving the development agenda for both companies to create the mezzanine solutions for tomorrow. This we call Building Trust.

About Hans Schourup: A Danish leading supplier of storage and logistics solutions, with an impressive number of references that covers all of Scandinavia.

About Profielnorm: A leading mezzanine manufacturer spanning Europe, Britian and North America. Recently added 6,000m2 of production space to expand and enhance its capabilities for bringing best-in-class mezzanines to key markets. We are in the business of Building Trust.

Over the past decades, we have focused on creating better space for our customers, and precisely solutions with mezzanines are perfectly suited to solving that task. We are therefore looking forward to the extended collaboration with Profielnorm as the preferred supplier.” - Troels H. Jensen, CEO Hans Schourup A/S
Profielnorm B.V. and Hans Schourup A/S

Start of the summer period!

Last week, we had a lunch with all Profielnorm colleagues. We enjoyed good company, fries, drinks, and a summer present for everyone.

Are you ready for a new adventure and do you want to join our family? We are always looking for new colleagues!
Visit our website, and apply online or contact us:
Start of the Profielnorm summer period | 2024

A successful open day at Profielnorm!

Last Saturday, 20 April 2024, Profielnorm had an open day. The expansion of the current building at our location on Energieweg was celebrated with an official opening. Part of this opening was a speech by mayor Marleen Sijbers.

Profielnorm added 6,000 square meters to the existing building (location: Energieweg in Tholen). This ensures that the production process is organised more efficiently and the capacity can be further expanded. In addition, new offices have been added to the building.

Last Saturday, we welcomed around 500 people, including colleagues, family, and friends. There was fun for young and old: from bouncy castles and an obstacle run to guided tours and information about different departments. MAF and Mercy Ships were also present, two of the charities that Profielnorm supports. The food trucks provided a delicious lunch and with a tram everyone could easily visit both our location on the Energieweg and our location on the Slabbecoornweg.

All in all it was a successful day full of gratitude, pride, and fun.
Open Day Profielnorm | 20 April 2024

New product launch!

We are proud to announce our new decking finish!
This floor plate (2400mmx1000mm) combines the advantages of both MDF and chipboard, and is price wise interesting. The PRO-SPAN floor plate contains a few unique advantages. It is a high-quality P6 decking finish with a luxurious appearance, and an anti-slip value of R10. The decking finish also has a high point load capacity and is fire retardant (Bfl-s1, D-s2 d0). As the only supplier in Europe, we are proud to offer this.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!
PRO-SPAN decking finish

LogiMAT 2024!

The LogiMAT exhibition 2024 has come to an end. We had a wonderful week, and want to thank you all for visiting. Our colleagues had a great time telling you more about our mezzanines. The exhibition gives us the opportunity to show our mezzanines, services and innovations. We are already looking forward to LogiMAT 2025!

Do you also want to create more space for your business? Feel free to request a quote online!

Have a look at the progress of our expansion!

We already shared a message that the piling process had started. Meanwhile, the expansion of one of our buildings in Tholen is in progress. A total of 6,000 square metres will be added to the total production area of Profielnorm.
The expansion allows us to organise the product process more efficiently and to further expand our capacity.
Expansion Energieweg in Tholen

Office space in Giessen, Germany

Two new colleagues recently joined us for the German market: Heiko Seel and Jürgen Schneider. To support our work in the German market, we now have our own office space in Giessen, Germany. They can work from tis location. Our Dutch colleague Patrick de Nijs visited them this week.
Office space Profielnorm in Giessen, Germany

Profielnorm East’s new office

We are happy to inform you that Profielnorm East recently moved to a new location. This new location offers space for continuous expansion of the team and the development of the company.

The new address in Poland:
Plac Skarżyńskiego 1
58-301 Wałbrzych
New office Profielnorm East in Poland

Expansion in Tholen

This week, we start the piling process for the expansion of one of our production locations in Tholen. 6,000 square metres will be added to our total production surface.
This allows us to organise the production process more efficiently and further expand our capacity.
Expansion Profielnorm in Tholen

New type handrail at Profielnorm

Profielnorm has developed a new type of handrail: side-mounted handrail. This railing is installed on the side of the floor. It is developed to offer the installation teams more safety during the installation of the mezzanine floor. This type of railing was created based on research and at the request of various customers. Feel free to contact us for more information!
Mezzanine floor with side mounted handrail

Profielnorm expands to the USA

In addition of the branches of the PRN-group in The Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom Profielnorm is now expanding to the USA.
Since January 1st 2023, Henry Dingemans is the Managing Director of Profielnorm USA. Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for the latest updates.
Profielnorm USA is established

New CEO PRN Group

Since the 1st of January 2023, Matthijs Schot is the new CEO of PRN Group.

He represents the second generation and succeeds his father: Jos C. Schot. Jos remains actively involved with the company, focusing on investments, specific projects, and advisory tasks.
Jos and Matthijs Schot

PRN-Group is FD Gazelle 2022!

We are once again one of the fastest growing, large companies in the south of the Netherlands.
FD Gazelle 2022 - Profielnorm

Profielnorm expands!

In the first quarter of 2023, we will start with the expansion of one of our locations in The Netherlands (Tholen, Energieweg): 75 x 78 meters will be added. This allows us to organise the production process more efficiently and further expand our capacity.
Profielnorm will expand on the Energieweg

Profielnorm is going green!

We recently installed almost 2,000 solar panels on our premises at Slabbecoornweg and Energieweg in Tholen, the Netherlands. These solar panels support our production facilities.
Profielnorm is going green

25 years Profielnorm

Profielnorm was founded exactly 25 years ago on Monday, 13 June 2022. We all celebrated this in Tholen while enjoying a cup of coffee with cake. Our international colleagues from John Scott Works and Profielnorm East were also present, online via a live stream.
Profielnorm exists 25 years in 2022

Profielnorm exists 25 years!

Profielnorm was founded on 13 June 1997 by CEO Jos C. Schot. This year Profielnorm is celebrating its 25th anniversary!

Where it all started 25 years ago in an attic room, Profielnorm now has two branches in the Netherlands and two international branches: John Scott Works (UK) and Profielnorm East (Poland). In addition, ProAutNorm, the IT division, has been part of the business family since 2016. There are currently two generations working at Profielnorm. The PRN-Group now has a very professional organisation that, together with the management team, guarantees more than 2,000 projects per year.
25 years Profielnorm

A special Profielnorm project

This year, we completed a fantastic project for a major international customer to support the fully automated order process flow. A sorter has been placed on the mezzanine that ensures the packaging of the customer’s goods.
Mezzanine Project Profielnorm

Profielnorm is again fully certified

Profielnorm is again fully cerfitied. We have recently successfully completed the annual audit for ISO 9001 and ISO 45001. The ISO 45001 Certificate is the successor to the OHSAS 18001 certificate. More information about Profielnorm certifications? You will find more information on this page.

Shorter delivery times and more flexibility thanks to our own powder coating line

Profielnorm recently installed a fully automatic powder coating line in one of their factories in Tholen, the Netherlands. Thanks to this new coating line, we also have the coating process in our own hands, and we can speed up and optimize the production process.
Powder coating line Profielnorm

Naor Gilon visits Profielnorm in Tholen

On Tuesday March 9, 2021, we welcomed the Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon in Tholen.

During a tour we showed him our automated design and production process and we visited our modern factory with the characteristic cold-formed steel profiles for our mezzanines.
Naor Gilon Profielnorm

Corporate Social Responsibility Profielnorm

We take responsibility for the effects of our business activities. Thanks to conscious choices, we aim for a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Profielnorm bears responsibility for society through corporate social responsibility. Read more on our ‘CSR at Profielnorm’ page about circular construction, FSC wood, sustainability and BREEAM construction.
Corporate Social Responsibility Profielnorm

New sawing machine

To expand our activities, we recently started using a new sawing machine in our factory in Tholen, the Netherlands.
New sawing machine Mezzanines Profielnorm

Profielnorm now has 2 offices in Tholen

For the expansion of our activities, we are also expanding with a new office in Tholen, the Netherlands. We share this location with our colleagues from ProAutNorm. Profielnorm now has 2 offices in Tholen:
  • Slabbecoornweg 29, 4691 RZ Tholen, the Netherlands;
  • Energieweg 20, 4691 SG Tholen, the Netherlands.
New building Energieweg Profielnorm

Pete Hoekstra visits Profielnorm

On Tuesday September 29, 2020, we welcomed the American ambassador Pete Hoekstra and his wife Diane in Tholen.

During a tour we showed them our automated design and production process and we visited our factory with the charcteristic cold-formed steel profiles for our mezzanine floors.

In addition, we discussed about the possible expansion plans of Profielnorm. We are currently investigating the possibilities for expansion into America.
Pete Hoekstra visits Profielnorm

New handrailing in week 45

Profielnorm is switching to a new type of handrail, developed from extensive experience through the years, as a designer and manufacturer of mezzanine floors. This handrail has an appealing industrial look, shortens installation time and is faster to produce. 

See below an impression our new handrail.
Mezzanine floor Profielnorm

Renewal ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001

After an extensive audit, Profielnorm is proud to have obtained renewance of its ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates with flying colors. This means quality is guaranteed for its customers and Profielnorm always strives for improvement. 

PRN Group launches a new website

The PRN Group launched a new website. PRN Group is a group of companies, connected together through processing steel and process automation.

Completion of a complex conveyor mezzanine

A complex project combining mezzanines with heavy pallet-moving conveyors.
Mezzanine Conveyor

Looking back at Logimat 2018 exhibition

Profielnorm had a great and succesful exhibition, as an exhibitor at the Logimat 2018. We thank all our customers and stand visitors for their visits and new enquiries.  

Profielnorm exhibits at Logimat 2018

Profielnorm exhibits with an own designed stand at the Logimat. You can visit us in Hall 1, Booth B15. Looking forward to meeting you there! 

Founding of John Scott Works Ltd.

Jon Lewis will start working as our Business Unit Manager for John Scott Works Ltd. per 1-1-2017 we hope to enter the UK market this way.

Profielnorm company video


Profielnorm present at Logimat 2015

Profielnorm is present at the Logimat exhibition in Stuttgart from the 10th to the 12th of February.


New automatic sawing line

Inorder to speed up our production flow and delivery times, Profielnorm hasinvested in a new sawing line. The fully automated sawing line was first putinto operation in August 2014. The blanks are positioned at one end and ourproducts emerge, cut to the right length at the other end.


On 1 July 2014, Profielnorm was awarded the CE certificate for themanufacture and delivery of floor systems to NEN-EN 1090 standards. By earningthis certificate, we have taken an important step in our quality assurance, asit means that as of 1 July 2014 we comply with the legal requirements fordelivering our product to CE standards in accordance with NEN-EN 1090.

The welding on our steel structures also complies with the ISO-3834-3certification requirements. What this means to you is that you have additionalassurance about the quality of our product! Our products are clearly markedwith the CE label.

In addition, Profielnorm has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate which standsfor the general quality of the business process. In other words, Profielnormtakes quality very seriously indeed!

Welder / coordinator passed

Our welding coordinator, Marco Burger, scored highly on his International Welding Technologist (IWT) diploma, so we now have an in-house welding expert to inspect our welding work. This shows that Profielnorm will do everything necessary to deliver top quality!

HISTORY - Second factory floor extension

Second factory floor extension The factory is extended by around 1,000 m2 of floor space, with the particular aim of extending the logistics space.

Second roll-forming system in use

Second roll-forming system in use A second roll forming machine is introduced to reinforce Profielnorm's production capacity.

First factory floor extension

First factory floor extension The factory is again doubled in size with an extra 1,200 m2 of manufacturing floor. The manufacture of the C+ and S+ profiles now takes place in the first hall and the new hall provides the location for welding - including the welding robot.

Profielnorm moves to Tholen

Profielnorm moves to Tholen Profielnorm moves into a newly built office and 1,200 m2 work floor.

First roll-forming line operational

First roll-forming line operational Profielnorm extends production with a roll-forming system after close collaboration with the machine manufacturer.

Founding in 1997

Profielnorm B.V. is founded in 1997 and from 1998 onwards is run by owner and managing director, Jos Schot. Initially, the components for a mezzanine floor and racking systems are purchased from the attic room. Very soon the attic is swapped for a commercial property and the organisation grew.
Productie straat | Profielnorm


NEN-EN 1090 and ISO 3834


CSR & Circulair building

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